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Aimtec Introduces Its Must-HAVZ Lineup: Orange AC-DC Converters


Montreal, Canada: Aimtec Introduces Its Must-HAVZ Lineup: Orange AC-DC Converters

Aimtec is proud to introduce our new Must-HAVZ lineup of AC-DC converters covering a power range of 3W to 20W, characterized by our brand-new orange cases! They have been designed to meet EN60335 (household and similar electrical appliances), EN61558 (power transformers, power supplies, reactors, and similar products) and EN62368 (information technology equipment and audio/video equipment) safety standards. This makes the Must-HAVZ ideal for industrial, home appliances and related applications.

For medical customers, the AMEL15-277HAVZ and AMEL20-277HAVZ series are also designed to meet EN60601 and provide 2xMOPP protection. This enables the converters to power a wide range of medical equipment and applications.

The Must-HAVZ lineup can accept an input voltage of 85-305VAC and provide standard 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 24V output options and can achieve CISPR32 class B and ESD immunity of Contact ±6KV, Air ±8KV without external components. To further increase EMC performance of the lineup, they can be paired with external circuits to achieve EFT ±2KV/surge L-L ±1KV immunity or EFT ±4KV/surge L-L ±2KV immunity.

To power the appliance control circuits, the converters come standard with 4000VAC reinforced insulation, which offers enhanced protection and a no-load power consumption of 0.12W. This increases the end product efficiency.

Furthermore, thanks to its compact size, this new lineup offers high power densities across all power ranges. Having a small footprint and low component height allows engineers to have more flexibility when designing under space constrained PCBAs. The dimensions of the 3 and 5W models are a mere 1 x 1 x 0.7”. The 10W model offers double the power in a 1.58x 1.00 x 0.83” case. Finally, the 15 and 20W options come in 1.87x 1.06x 0.92” and 2.06x 1.07x 0.94” respectively.

The above features coupled with cost savings thanks to economies of scale make the new series an absolute Must Have for new designs.

For information regarding these new series, visit www.aimtec.com or have a look at our data sheet here: