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Aimtec Launches a Low Height Profile 3W DC/DC Converter

Montreal, Canada: Aimtec Launches a Low Height Profile 3W DC/DC Converter

Aimtec announces the AM3O-NZ series which is designed to offer an ultra-thin solution to customers with designs that have challenging height considerations. This series is available in both SIP and DIP packages with open frame and metal case options.

The total height of 0.24 iches (6.1mm) for the Dual Inline Package offers significant space optimization when compared to typical 6W DIP products with approximately twice the height (~0.4inches). In addition, the AM3O-NZ offers an impressive 500VAC or 1500VDC isolation with a 2:1 input voltage range of 4.5-9VDC or 4:1 input voltage range of 9-36VDC.

It is also designed with input under-voltage protection, output over-voltage, over-current, short circuit protection, which enables the AM3O-NZ series to be used in a variety of application related to industrial control, instrumentation and communication equipment

For information regarding this new series, visit www.aimtec.com or have a look at our datasheet here.