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Aimtec Launches a Whole New Lineup of DIN Rail Bracket AC/DC Converters


Montreal, Canada: Aimtec Launches a Whole New Lineup of DIN Rail Bracket AC/DC Converters

The new AMEDX-NZ series is Aimtec’s answer to the much-requested DIN Rail compatible AC-DC enclosed Power supplies.

These AC-DC converters are available in 30, 60, 75, 100 & 120W options and are designed to meet the IEC/EN/UL62368 and EN61558 standards, which enables them to be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including harsh environments.

We have designed these models with a focus on high efficiency and input-output isolation. With an isolation voltage of 4000VAC, maximum efficiency of up to 91%, and an operating temperature range of -40℃ up to 70℃ these series provide improved reliability and system safety and meet most industrial and commercial application requirements.   

The AMEDX-NZ series also comes preloaded with output short circuit protection (OSCP), output over-current protection (OCP), and an output over-voltage protection (OVP) as standard features.

With a low ripple and noise and a high MTBF for increased reliability, these models can be implemented in a variety of applications such as street lighting controls, grid power, LED, instrumentation, industrial controls, communication, and civil applications.

For information regarding these new series, visit www.aimtec.com or have a look at our datasheet here: