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Aimtec PCN AM20171221-1

PCN#: AM20171221-1

Issue Date: December 21, 2017

Products affected: AM15C-1205DZ, AM15C-1212DZ, AM15C-1215DZ, AM15C-2405DZ, AM15C-2412DZ, AM15C-2415DZ, AM15C-4805DZ, AM15C-4812DZ, AM15C-4815DZ, AM15CW-2405DZ, AM15CW-2412DZ, AM15CW-2415DZ, AM15CW-4805DZ, AM15CW-4812DZ and AM15CW-4815DZ.

Effective Date: All specified products noted, and shipping from Aimtec factories as of December 21st, 2017.  

Description of change: The above series parts with dual outputs have their Line Regulation spec changed from ±0.2 to ±0.5%.

Reason for change: This change is a result of Aimtec’s endeavor to reduce lead times and streamline the bottle necks in production.  

Customer impact: Customers can now expect the components to be available with shorter lead times.