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Aimtec PCN AM3N-S-Z

Products affected: Only indicated 12V input and 15V output versions of AM3N-S-Z series parts. 

Product list: AM3N-1215SZ and AM3N-1215SH30Z

Effective Date: All specific products noted, and shipping from Aimtec factories as of September 28, 2017. 

Description of change: Aimtec is announcing a product change notification only to certain 12-volt input and 15-volt output products of the AM3N-SZ series. Specific products noted will change their percentage efficiency to 68%. Please note that all other parameters mentioned in the datasheet remain the same.

Reason for change: Aimtec product management will be changing materials used in manufacturing of the noted products which necessitates the need to reduce the efficiency of the indicated models in order to maintain a standard lead time for these products.

Reason for change: No significant impact is expected by this product notice.