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Aimtec PCN AMEOF3-JZ Series Change May 9st, 2017


Product Change Notification



Products affected:  AMEOF3-JZ & AMEOF1-JZ Series  



Effective Date: May 3, 2017. Products with manufacturing date code of 1718 and after.  


Description of change:

1.    The input voltage range expands from 85 - 264Vac to 85 - 305Vac;  

2.    The maximum output current of AMEOF3-3.3SJZ, AMEOF3-5SJZ, AMEOF3-3.3SLJZ and AMEOF3-5SLJZ  increases from 500mA to 600mA;  

3.    The internal switching IC changes;  

4.    The operating temperature range improves significantly and the power derating starts at much  higher temperature:   AMEOF3-JZ series: 70°C versus the current (prior) derating point at 55°C;  AMEOF1-JZ series: 85°C versus the current (prior) derating point at 55°C.  

5.   The recommended external circuit changes. Further details referenced in the updated datasheet rev.  R2 and after for AMEOF3-JZ series and rev. R1 and after for AMEOF1-JZ series.  

6.   Pins length of both series changes from 10mm to 6mm.  

Reason for change: Aimtec engineering services always strives to improve its designs and the product  lead time to better serve its customer needs, improve performance, reliability and value.   The internal IC used in this design is with very long lead time and has a potential risk of EOL. Aimtec  engineering team decided to change the IC brand to improve the product lead time, to enhance the  product performance and reliability and to keep the product activ


Customer Impact:  Customers will benefit from improved operating temperature range, enlarged input  voltage range, increased output power for AMEOF3-3.3SJZ and AMEOF3-5SJZ models. Certain application  changes will be needed to accommodate the recommended different external circuit related to the new  internal IC and the 4mm shorter pins.  




Bissa Dobreva

Product Manager