Application Notes


Aimtec's application notes are written to provide important information or guidelines regarding product handling,installation, use and application. 

Glossary of TermsIntroducing Aimtec’s New Ultra-Wide Input DC-DC Converter series for powering Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems and High Voltage InvertersTransportation and Storage of Electronic ComponentsThe Optimum Method To Test The Output Ripple & Noise Of Power SuppliesMethod to Reduce the Output Ripple & Noise of Power SuppliesIsolation Voltage vs. Rated Working VoltageForced Air Convection and Heat Sinking for Power SuppliesConnecting Power Converters in SeriesCalculation of Maximum Capacitive Load for DC/DC ConvertersLimiting Inrush CurrentTypical Application of Dual Separated Output DC/DC Converters for RS-485 CommunicationsTypical Application of Isolated Output DC/DC Converters for RS-485 CommunicationsConfiguring a Non-Isolated Switching Regulator for Negative Output VoltagePulse Width Modulation (PWM) vs. Analog Dimming of LEDsIP RatingLED Lighting FAQConstant Current or Constant Voltage Mode of AC/DC LED driversConnecting Constant Voltage LED Drivers in ParallelDimming Performance of Aimtec Triac LED DriversMeasuring Inrush CurrentIsolated Power Modules for Data Acquisition & ControlPowering Telemetry & SCADA SystemsWireless Gas Leakage Detector with Device ControlAimtec tin whisker mitigation statementHome Automation System with BluetoothLED Driver Output CalibrationRoHS Soldering ProfilesAimtec EV ChargersLED lighting design considerations for Freezer’sLED AIMTEC – Guía para controladores de CA para módulos LEDSolutions for 3 phase 4 wire distribution systemsPowering an Electric Vehicle Charging StationAimtec Medical White Paper