Auxiliary DC Output from AC/DC LED Driver

Auxiliary DC Output from AC/DC LED Driver
Aimtec AC/DC series LED drivers support applications which require an auxiliary output to power cooling fans or other specific luminary devices. 
Below is a simple example showing an AC/DC LED driver with the additional DC/DC converter as a branch to the LED strings. The luminary designer implementing this type of configuration must take into account the power drop consumed by the DC/DC converter (DC-DC Pinmax), and select an LED driver according to the power required to power the LED’s and the DC/DC converter.
Example: Aimtec AMER90-36250CAZ produces output current of 2.5A, and the DC/DC converter selected consumes 0.8A. The current drop available to a single LED string would be seen as 2.5A – 0.8A = 1.7A. The LED driver selected must include consideration for the power used by the DC/DC converter selected, and then the amount of current required for the LED type.  
Calculating “DC-DC Pinmax” examples:
AMSR-7805Z, Poutmax = 5V x 0.5A = 2.5W with efficiency (min) 85%, the Pin=Pout/0.85=2.94W (max)
AMSR-7812SZ, Poutmax = 12V x 0.5A = 6W with efficiency (min) 94%, the Pin=Pout/0.94=6.4W (max)
The AC-DC LED driver loading from additional DC-DC power converter will be approximately 8-19% for lowest power LED driver (AMEPR30-AZ paired with AMSR-78xxZ), and with the higher power drivers the loading ratio will improve appropriately. For higher power LED drivers (60-150W) loading requirements from a cooling fan typically 0.5-1W) will be significantly reduced.
Other considerations:
Use LED drivers which have VDC outputs matching the DC/DC converter input range (AMSR-Z input voltage range is 6.5-34VDC, therefore LED driver selection will have to be 12V or 24V DC output).

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