Connecting Constant Voltage LED Drivers in Parallel


Aimtec’s LED drivers are offered in a wide range of Output Power and Output Voltages. This gives the opportunity to use them in a “stand-alone” configuration or connected in parallel.

Why connect in parallel:
Some of the applications for connecting Constant Voltage LED Drivers in parallel include:
  • To increase the Output Power by connecting 2 or more converters in parallel.
  • To provide redundancy and to ensure that the system remains functional should a single LED driver fail.
  • Higher power requirements can be achieved by using lower power LED drivers in parallel
How to connect in parallel:
Ideally, the modules should be connected in parallel as shown in Figure 1. In the parallel configuration illustrated, the total output power is shared by the drivers.
Figure 1: 4 AMER150-50300AZ LED Drivers in Parallel configuration, with 20A Diode for circuit protection. Example shown, 50V Constant Voltage LED Drivers in Parallel produce 12A Current, total power 600W.


Important considerations:
  • All LED drivers must be in constant voltage mode
  • All LED drivers must be of the same model, mixed models will created imbalanced results and are not supported
  • Diode selection should be at least 3 times the current of the driver output, with heat sink applied
  • As in Constant Voltage mode normally, Dimming function is not supported, customers should order units with the “-F” suffix, without dimming
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