About Aimtec

Quality Control

In conjunction with its ISO9001:2015  quality management system, Aimtec is vigilant about providing products that meet or exceed its clients’ expectations.  Aimtec’s quality control standards are meticulous and involve five separate and independent tests:

  1. Prototypes of new product designs are tested by accredited independent laboratories to validate that all technical and safety parameters are met;
  2. New product designs are certified by accredited independent laboratories, such as UL, for all applicable safety standards;
  3. Each assembled product is tested before leaving the factory to ensure that all technical specifications are met;
  4. MIL-STD-105E Test Inspections are performed by Aimtec’s facility in Taiwan before delivery to Aimtec’s logistics center;
  5. MIL-STD-105E Test Inspections are performed at Aimtec’s Logistics Center before being accepted into inventory and finally delivered to the client.

Aimtec’s stringent quality control procedures ensure the value, performance and reliability of its power supplies.